About Couples Counseling Chicago

About Couples Counseling Center


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Couples Counseling Center Chicago is an alliance of couples counselors and marriage therapists who are experts in the field of relationship counseling.

These therapists have joined together to create an association of professionals designed to bring counseling services to the Chicago metropolitan and surrounding areas.

Not all helping professionals are qualified or experienced in the area of helping couples, particularly if the couple is in crisis or if there are underlying issues which may be causing emotional distress. 

The therapists associated with Couples Counseling Center take an integrative approach to all forms of therapy – be it marriage counseling, couples counseling or individual relationship counseling.

Our couples counselors are committed to helping bring emotional, physical and financial stability back into relationships and assisting couples work through past and present wounds. We want to help you and your relationship thrive.

We honor all couples, regardless of ethnic, racial or spiritual background and consider ourselves to be a gay affirming organization.

Our counselors may be able to take your insurance or work with you on couples counseling costs, depending upon your situation. Please be sure to review our FAQ page for answers to commonly asked questions about couples therapy.

We can be reached in two easy ways:

Phone: 773-598-7797


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