Anger Management Counseling Chicago

anger management counseling chicago

Counseling for Anger in Relationships


Couples counseling can get heated at times.  After all, couples seek counseling because something isn’t working in their relationship. They have the same argument over and over and can’t find resolution.  Neither gets important needs met.  This inevitably leads to frustration that mounts and mounts over time and becomes anger.

Anger is a normal feeling, especially in the context of the most intimate of relationships.  At the same time, depending upon how it’s expressed, anger can be destructive.  Couples can resort to name calling, yelling, passive-aggressive behaviors and sometimes even shoving or hitting.  In these situations, anger management counseling may be a good idea. 

couples counseling anger chicago

These behaviors seriously damage the connection.  So while anger is a normal feeling, couples need to develop some tools in order to navigate the hurts and frustrations of a relationship in healthier and more productive ways.

Our highly trained therapists are equipped to help navigate your conflicts, and are able to allow for the expression of anger in a setting where it’s possible to have a different outcome and listen to one another differently. 

Anger is a symptom that something is wrong, hurtful or frustrating.  Couples therapy is about healing the symptom(s), then addressing the underlying issues and how to move forward.

Anger Management Components:

  1. Trusting that the therapist won’t take sides.
  2. Validating one another’s anger and avoid being defensive.
  3. Asking questions to explore what the other person is feeling.
  4. Learning from your personalities and backgrounds why conflict happens in the way that it does.
  5. Discovering concrete tools, such as taking a time out or exercising, in order to provide enough space to revisit the topic later when feelings are less heated.
  6. Practicing and learning how to communicate more effectively.
  7. Identifying concrete ways to meet your partner’s needs even if you don’t necessarily understand them.

Anger Management Counseling Chicago 

While anger can be scary, it doesn’t have to be.  Instead it can reflect that there’s still vitality and connection in your relationship.  It just needs to be understood and expressed in different ways than you already have in order to heal the wounds and move forward.

If you are interested in anger management counseling for your relationship or for yourself, please give us a call at 773-598-7797. You can also contact us through email using our contact form

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