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How to Kiss Like a Man

A How to Kissing Guide for Men Hey dudes, have you ever wondered what makes a good kisser? I am talking about the kind of kiss that causes your date to totally fall for you in a big way? Yep, that’s right – I am talking about a man kiss! Here is a little secret [...]

Dating Adam Levine

Would you marry the superstar? Adam Levine is perhaps one of the most famous celebrities on the planet. As founder of the smash-hit band, Maroon Five, Levine built his career and image around swanky, fun sounds and catchy, over the top lyrics. With a trademark voice, hazel green eyes and perfectly straight teeth, this performer [...]

Marriage Counselors Chicago

Marriage and Couples Counselors Chicago   Individuals listing themselves as Marriage Counselors in the Chicago area are no doubt plentiful but are they really good at what they do? The reality is that offering effective marriage therapy, couples counseling and general relationship requires specialized training and expert skills. More important, the person doing the marriage [...]

Relationship Expectations Too High?

Relationship Expectations too High?   Recently, a few friends of mine got together at my house for a poker game where the topic of relationships came up. Out of the six of us sitting at the card table, four were in relationships – plus me. As the game got underway, a few of the guys started complaining [...]

Money and Relationships

Personal Finances Can Ruin a Relationship By: Dr. John Moore One of the main reasons many couples find they get into arguments relates to good old fashioned money. In fact, it is one of the main reasons that couples seek out therapy in the first place. Why? Simply because at some point in time one [...]

Gay Premarital Counseling

Gay Marriage Illinois – Get Counseling First!   Now that gay marriage (same sex marriage) has become a reality in the state of Illinois, Couples Therapy Associates of Chicago would like to take this moment to publically celebrate this welcome change while also imparting the following message to gay men – think about pre-marital counseling [...]

Couples Therapy Basics

Couples Therapy Basics - What to Expect Many couples who come for counseling inevitably ask themselves, “How did we get here?”  What once was a romance with wonderful connection suddenly has become filled with recurrent bickering and tension.  And they fear whether they can fix it and if so, how. Take a deep breath and keep [...]