5 Meaningful Ways to Compliment Your Boyfriend

compliment your boyfriend ideas

Compliment your boyfriend ideas

Do you become tongue-tied when you try to think of how to compliment your boyfriend more often or in more unique ways? He’s probably heard that he has a nice smile or great hair many times before.

While you should still compliment him on those things, you should give him less obvious compliments as well. Here are five unique and meaningful ways to compliment your boyfriend:

1. Style

If you usually compliment your man on physical qualities like his smile or arms, then change it up by voicing how much you love his style or how sexy he looks in that tie. There are many aspects of his style that you can complement, such as saying you like his shirt, you love how he looks in a pair of jeans, or his overall clothing style.

Or tell him you like his new pair of shoes. He’ll feel happy to receive any type of compliment on his style.

2. Hidden Traits

Instead of giving him the obvious compliments like “you’re such a good singer” or “you’re good at fixing cars”, search for his less obvious traits to compliment. Think about what makes him a talented singer or good at fixing cars.

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For example, you could tell him that you admire his problem solving skills instead of telling him how good he is at fixing cars. You need to have problem solving skills to determine what’s wrong with the vehicle and correct the problem. Continue to give him obvious compliments, but remember noticing one of his hidden traits that makes him great is a meaningful way to compliment him.

3. His Masculinity

Just as you want to feel like a woman, he loves feeling like a man. Play to your boyfriend’s masculinity, and you’ll keep him happy. At the right moment, tell him that he’s manly or “such a guy.” For example, if he’s taking a break from working on your car, let him know how manly he looks out there or say how nice it is to have a strong man around.

The “such a guy” reference, in contrast, is best for playful situations. Let’s say he went to the Heart Attack Grill to eat the world’s highest calorie burger, say in a teasing manner, “You’re such a guy.” As long as you’re playful about it, he’ll love it because it reinforces the fact that he’s masculine.

4. Believe in Him

Showing you believe in him is a great way of complimenting your boyfriend on an achievement or past accomplishments while supporting him and strengthening your relationship.

If he received a raise at work, let him know that you knew he’d get the raise because he’s hardworking or whatever adjectives fit in your situation.

5. Respect Him

Feeling respected is necessary for a man to be happy in a relationship. When he feels respected, he feels loved. Situations in which you can show respect for your boyfriend include when he chooses to be the better man by walking away from a potential fight and when he makes a difficult choice.

If he handles a negative situation well, then compliment him for his maturity. Let him know you respect him for doing the right thing.

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Men love receiving compliments just as much as women. If you want to maintain a happy relationship with your boyfriend, get into the habit of expressing your admiration. Don’t overdo it. You should only compliment him when the time is right and when it’s genuine.

The five best types of compliments to give your man include his style, his hidden traits, his masculinity, belief in him, and respect for him. You’ll never have to worry about giving typical or repetitive compliments again. More importantly, giving a variety of these five types of compliments will keep him happy in your relationship.

By: Couples Counseling Staff