Couples Therapy Chicago: 7 BIG Benefits You Need to Know!

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Couples Therapy Chicago

If you are conducting an online search for Couples Therapy Chicago, you likely are hoping to find someone who can assist you with issues that are happening in your relationship. If you are like most of our clients, you might be thinking to yourself: “I can’t believe we are doing this – we never thought we would need couples therapy.” If you can relate to that statement, know that you are not alone. In truth, most of the couples who visit with one of our therapists share these kinds of sentiments.

To keep it real, when two people fall deeply in love with each other, it can be natural to assume that things are going to remain in a state of bliss forever. If only this were true! The reality is that at some point, most couples hit periods of turbulence. Sometimes those rough spots are short lived while others drag on for weeks or even months. If left unchecked, the problems can grow in perpetuity, ultimately  leading to a relational collapse.  

You probably already knew of this, right?  That’s cool. But what you may not know is that how a couple works through difficult times – particularly early in the relationship – sets the tone for future. You see, the way we love is learned. This means how you relate to your mate is largely influenced by a number of factors, including replication of love styles from the past.  Deep stuff, huh?

Couples Therapy in Chicago, IL 60613

Couples Therapy Chicago

Couples Therapy Chicago Jitters

If there is a part of you who is nervous about attending couples therapy, rest assured you aren’t alone. Most people are naturally hesitant to pick up the phone and call a couples therapist because they think something is terribly wrong with their relationship. While this may be true for couples who are in crisis, the vast majority of folks who come in for couples therapy do so to avoid problems down the road.

Here is a note we received from a couple in the Lakeview area who recently completed short term couples therapy. They gave us permission to publish this quote with the hope of encouraging others to think about getting help for their relationships differently. We’ve changed their names in order to protect their identity.

Check it out:

We were nervous about couples therapy because we thought it meant we were going to breakup. Our therapist challenged us to think differently about what couples therapy truly means. Once we got over the mental hurdle, we both became open to positive change.

Steve and Charlotte   

To help chase away some of your anxiety, we’ve created 7 potential benefits of couples therapy you probably never knew. While none of these can be guaranteed, they certainly have become reality for many who have completed the counseling process.

couples therapy chicago, chicago, il 60613

Couples Therapy 7 Big Benefits

1.Better Communication

Sometimes couples begin to develop issues because they don’t communicate with one another like they used to. Sometimes you avoid talking about issues like money, because you know that doing so will only start a fight. This leads to the problems that you’re experiencing to caustically grow. Sound familiar? We thought it might.

And so one of the absolute biggest benefits of couples therapy is that it creates an environment where communication isn’t just recommended – it’s mandatory. This can help you start to get to the root of those issues sooner rather than later.

2.Stronger Connection

Another major benefit of communication (and couples therapy in general) is that it only serves to strengthen the relationship between you and your partner. While it’s true that sudden communication increases may lead to an argument or two, you’ll only come out stronger on the other side because of it.

This is why one of the first things we recommend our Chicago couples therapy clients to learn about is the art of active listening. If you have time, be sure to check out our active listening blog post!

3.Uncover Root Problems

Another great benefit of couples therapy is that it can help you get to the true root of the relationship problems. As mentioned earlier, the way we love is learned. All of us are the ultimate products of our past. Recognizing this can go a long way in affecting positive change.

In our experience, surface problems are often symptomatic of underlying issues that fuel unhealthy behaviors. And so identifying root causes is key to the outcome of therapy and ultimately, the health of your relationship.

4.Enhanced Intimacy and Love

One of the most important benefits of couples therapy is its ability to act as a conduit for increased intimacy. Occasionally, couples tend to drift apart – it’s only natural. That’s because couples grow and evolve over time – often at different speeds. When this happens, intimacy can sometimes become a casualty.

The power of couples therapy can be found in its ability to realign and recalibrate. When both parties are engaged in the counseling process and open to change, transformation is possible. In fact, transformation is often the end result!


One of the biggest reasons that couples have “issues” has to do with baggage from the past. Sometimes these nasty little critters rear their ugly heads, which can unintentionally act as gigantic roadblocks to love. It can happen to even the most mindful couple, regardless of how self-aware they are about their “stuff”.

And so one of the net positives of couples therapy is its ability to process and hopefully work through all of that baggage so that you can essentially “start fresh” again. Instead of focusing on the things from earlier in life that make both of you unhappy, you can begin focusing on the here and now – as in right now – meaning this very moment in time.  

6.More Trust

One of the pillars of any relationship is trust. Without it, there really isn’t much of a foundation. If you or your mate have found yourself struggling with trust issues because of emotional or physical infidelity, you may be wondering: “How that trust can be repaired?”

We won’t lie to you – it’s not easy. With that shared, we can also say that issues related to infidelity are often symptomatic of larger concerns that go well beyond mere carnal attractions. Depending upon the dynamics, couples therapy can help the both of you heal from deep, biting wounds after an affair comes out into the open. Be sure to read our post on the various forms of cheating and what to do if you are busted cheating.


There isn’t couple on the planet that hasn’t experienced a bad fight, nasty argument or extreme blowout. In fact, arguing can sometimes be a sign of passion. Without arguments, couples would be incapable of drawing bright lines about deeply held feelings or thoughts.

Sometimes however, arguments cause one or both parties to say things that are extremely hurtful. When this happens, it can cause or re-open up deep wounds. Couples therapy allows the opportunity to process those feelings in an environment that is free of judgement. What’s more, new skills can be obtained to prevent super blowouts from happening in the first place. If you have time, be sure to check out our post on how to avoid a nasty fight.

Final Thoughts

We started this article off at the beginning in a way to address those who are looking for Couples Therapy in Chicago. In truth, the material shared here is applicable to couples seeking counseling anywhere. There are so many other benefits we couldn’t mention in this one post because the article would never end.

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Couples Therapy Ultimate Guide

If you have time, we encourage you to read our Couples Therapy Ultimate Guide. Inside, you will find tons of information on how the couples therapy and counseling process works, plus tips on what to look for in a therapist and how to save money!

The decision to take part in couples therapy truly can be a positive step in the right direction. It’s an investment that can yield benefits for years to come! If you are in Chicago and would like to learn more about couples therapy, call us at 773.598.7797 or send us a confidential email by completing online form.

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