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John D. Moore, PhD

My name is Dr. John Moore. I’m a licensed clinical professional counselor and board certified drug and alcohol counselor. I’m also the founder Couples Counseling Center Chicago Online. With offices located on the city’s northside, our therapists specialize in couples counseling.

The need for this type of website in Chicago came to mind when speaking with different clients throughout the years who shared their stories with me about the importance of their personal relationships in their lives. The truth is, relationships, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, are one of the most powerful things that will ever happen to us as human beings.

When something happens in our relationships, such as the loss of spouse or partner or when infidelity occurs, the emotional result can be devastating. And when we love someone so much that we sometimes find ourselves living in pain, our lives can become extremely difficult. In my book, Confusing Love with Obsession, I explore the concept of personal romantic relationships in detail and the impact they have on our lives.

At Couples Counseling Center, our therapy associates help couples by creating an atmosphere where you can share what is happening in your relationship with a therapist in non-judgmental, blame-free space while simultaneously slowing the hands of time. With deeper insight regarding what may be going on in your relationship, you can better understand why things have been at a standstill or why your relationship is experiencing problems.

The therapists that appear on this sight are experts at what they do – couples counseling. What’s also important that you know is the relationship experts listed here have real world experiences that are outside of the “clinical” domain, meaning they have worked in capacities connected to business and academia that go beyond the textbooks. They understand what it is like to manage a job, attend to self-care and also “be” in a relationship with another.

Not everyone who wants to be listed on this Couples Therapy Website is approved. We only list therapists who have meaningful life experience that is in addition to the clinical work they have done. We want the people you are working with on your relationship issues to be able to relate to you and your significant other. In this way, the feedback that is offered to you during the counseling process is meaningful.

The couples and marriage therapists listed here also believe that counseling offers the opportunity to teach and learn. Specifically, I am talking about learning not only from the therapist but from your significant other during the life-span of the counseling process.

We like to think of ourselves as very goal oriented. Essentially, that means we try to help you and the person you are with identify concrete goals as part of your time in counseling. This goal oriented focus can help to identify the obtainment of certain milestones and relational achievements. Think of goals as mile-markers along the way.

Many people find that we’re short-term therapists. What this means is we’re very solution-focused. We have a coaching style approach to marriage counseling. We help you with what you’ve come in to work on. When those goals are achieved, it’s time to end.

Many clients have shared that the couples counseling process was a lot shorter than they originally thought. The reason, at least on our part, is simple – we do not want to keep you in couples therapy forever and a day. For many couples, they only need to come in to see a counselor 6-8 times. I need to qualify this however and say that I am talking averages here and that each couples situation is different. The nice thing about couples work is that the therapists appearing here work with clients around scheduling, meaning they understand that work (your job) requires flexibility.

If you are looking to gain greater insight into your relationship or you are trying to establish a more meaningful, stable and honest relationship with your significant other, I encourage you to give us a call. The process is fairly simple. All you need to do is share a little of what you are looking for in the counseling process with the telephone intake coordinator. Once all of the information is gathered, your contact details will be provided to a couples therapist who has availability and is a good “fit” related to your issues.

I want to say here that relationship counseling does not mean that you need to come in with your significant other. Many people have found that by coming in for individual therapy, they are able to gain new insight into relational and dating patterns, which are extremely useful in the here and now and the future. Some clients also find that coming in for counseling on their own is useful to them in terms of sharing private, intimate issues happening in their relationship that they are unable to discuss with anyone else, including trusted friends. Let’s be honest – there are some things that happen in personal, romantic relationships that simply cannot be shared with others for a variety of reasons.

Let’s move on to some practical information. The counselors listed on this site are licensed therapists. They accept BCBS PPO insurance. If you do not have BCBS insurance or if you do not have insurance at all, we may be able to help you with a sliding scale program. The lowest amount that any of our counselors will “slide” down to however is $75.00. One thing I encourage people to do is think about accessing their Health Savings Account (if you have one) with your employer. The therapist will simply give you a receipt for your out of pocket payment for reimbursement from your plan.

You may have noticed we have a blog that is totally dedicated to couples counseling and relationships. While we do not update the blog on a daily basis, you will likely find useful, practical articles and resources appearing on this part of the site that you can use for self-knowledge and understanding.

Let me close by saying that at the Couples Counseling Center, we believe in relationships. We believe in strong, healthy, stable relationships for the here and now and the future. If you are looking for an objective, non-judgmental, third party to explore relationships with you and your partner (or just you), please give us a call.

At Couples Counseling Center, we help couples grow.