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Lesbian Couples Counseling Chicago

Searching for lesbian couples counseling in Chicago? Are you hoping to find a therapist who is familiar with issues impacting women who identify as lesbian, gay, queer or bi? If so, you have come to the right place.

Here at Couples Counseling Chicago, a good number of clients who frequent our Lakeview offices happen to be lesbian. What’s more – several of our Chicago couples counselors identify as lesbian or gay – and we’re proud of that!

Here are 5 solid reasons to consider working with one of our therapists for your counseling needs. Are you ready?

Let’s jump right in!  

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1. Our Couples Counselors and Therapists “Get” LGBT Issues

There is no simple way to say it except to say this – if you are lesbian, gay or bisexual, you want to work with a therapist that understands the unique dynamics involved in same sex relationships.

And so getting the support, guidance and assistance from a therapist who is either LGBT friendly (or identifies as lesbian/gay) holds advantages, including:

  • Starting therapy with someone from a place of cultural competence
  • Not having to worry about being judged
  • Not having to “edit” or “police” statements in counseling

2. Our Couples Therapists Affirm and Support LGBT Relationships

An additional advantage of working with one of our couples therapists is the firm understanding that we completely affirm and support same sex relationships.

We believe in this so much that we were one of the first organizations that directly spoke to the very real issue of LGBT couples needing premarital counseling in light marriage equality.

Affirming and supporting to us means:

  • Celebrating same sex relationships and promoting relational stability
  • Being comfortable with exploring and discussing issues such as intimacy and sex between same sex couples.
  • Having therapists who regularly attend community trainings that directly impact the direct LGBT population right here in Chicago.

3. A Recognition of the Special Role of Emotional Connectivity in Lesbian Relationships

Sure, everyone wants (gay or straight) to have an emotional connection with their significant other but we understand in lesbian relationship, this characteristic is particularly important. How do we know this?

Well – because it is the perhaps the most important issue that our lesbian clients bring up as part of the couples counseling process.

Here, we are talking about real issues such as:

  • A desire to increase closeness and harmony between both parties.
  • Feeling safe enough to be vulnerable with a partner
  • Emotional fidelity and emotional trust (see our page on emotional infidelity).

4. Understanding that Intellectual Compatibility in Lesbian Relationships is Key

Here, we are not talking about somebody being “smarter” than the other. Instead, this point speaks to the fact that lesbian couples put a premium on both parties holding shared interests while having the autonomy to respectfully disagree on various topics.

This means being able to engage in fair fighting vs. ugly arguments (see our post on how to have a fair fight).

Other areas related to intellectual compatibility include:

  • Being open to new ideas without feeling “judged”
  • Recognizing communication is important and that the “silent treatment” is hurtful.
  • Holding shared beliefs but not necessarily identical beliefs.

5. Recognizing that Styles of Love Matter in Lesbian Relationships

This point relates to some of what has been previously stated but holds a distinction in that love styles matter and they matter bigtime in relationships – particularly when it comes to same sex couples.

We encourage you to read our extensive post on love styles to learn more about your own approach to emotional bonding and that of your partner’s.

Related topics here include:

  • Similar goals for the future based on growth and trust.
  • Building awareness around love styles and potential vulnerabilities (caretaking vs. caregiving).
  • The important role of sex and intimacy in the relationship in a way that transcends mere physical, robotic contact.

Final Thoughts

At Couples Counseling, you can feel comfortable making an appointment for counseling with one of our therapists. We encourage you to consider taking completing our relationship report card as a way of gaining insight into what some of the challenge areas might be that you want to work on.

To make an appointment with a couples counselor, simply fill out the contact form or give us a call directly at 773.598.7797.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope to be working with you and your partner soon!

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