Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Important Notes and Terms for Use of This Web site

Within our privacy policy we have included important information on our confidentiality agreements and policies regarding our services.

On Counseling Services

Services offered by therapists and their colleagues are traditionally offered face to face. E-mail, phone calls, and informational documents, while sometimes helpful, do not constitute a Doctor-Patient relationship. 

Emergency or Crisis Situations

If you think you may have a medical or psychiatric emergency, call 911 now or go to your local emergency room immediately


Couples Counseling Center is an active member of the Chicago community, we do not assume any liability for the use (or misuse) of information published on this site. The web-links provided to other web-sites are provided as a courtesy, and we are not responsible for their specific content. We also do not assume responsibility for the therapist-client relationship until a client comes to the office and meets with a listed helping professional.

On Confidentiality

Couples Counseling Center does not collect information about visitors to our site, although we encourage guests to send us their thoughts and opinions. We use return e-mail addresses to answer the e-mail we receive. Such addresses are not used for any other purpose and are not shared with outside parties. We never use or share any personally identifiable information provided to us online.

Our site also does not use “cookies” to mark you as a visitor, and we do not check for cookies from others sites or attempt in any way to discover where you have been on the Internet.
However, because the Internet is a complex and public information system, e-mail is not a confidential means of communication. We strive to treat all communications with professional care, but cannot be held responsible for the protection or privacy of information transferred though the Internet or any other network that you may utilize to contact us.

On the Information Available at This Site

All logos and images, text, and web site design elements contained in this site are the property of Couples Counseling Center, a wholly owned subsidiary of 2nd Story Consultants.  All rights reserved.


The site contains mental health, health- and medical-related materials that may be considered sexually explicit. If you find these materials offensive, you may not want to use our website.

Opinions and other statements expressed by authors are that of the Couples Counseling Center. While we make an effort to review certain content (e.g. content that appears only on the Couples Counseling Chicago dot, content created by third parties is the sole responsibility of the third parties; its accuracy and completeness are not endorsed or guaranteed.

Ad Choices

This Site and third parties who place advertisements on this Site may collect and use information about your visits to this Site and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you.

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