Relationship Books

relationship books

Books About Relationships

Relationships are often challenging even for the most committed person. Sometimes, having expert insight on topics ranging from love to romance to dating can help to generate new insight and bring about the process of positive change. The relationship books presented here are designed to help you and/or your significant other learn new skills that can be used in the here and now and the future.

Relationship Books

The relationship books listed below offer a collection of favorites by the couples therapists here at Couples Counseling Center. We encourage you to scan our relationship book listings and consider picking one up for your own knowledge. Keep in mind that these are books we recommend to our clients. While Couples Counseling Center doesn’t endorse any book per se, we can say with confidence that these resources have helped many people move through a particular issue.

Many of the relationship books here can be downloaded to your personal electronic device for quick access directly from the Amazon Store. Why not consider picking up a few today?

Relationship Books: Communications

Need a book to help you enhance communication and increase intimacy? This book offers lots of practical insight with exercises to help couples better communicate.

Are you looking for a relationship book that helps you talk about issues that are considered “hot button” topics? I Don’t Want To Talk About It help you to do just that – talk about the uncomfortable!

Relationship Books: Marriage

Looking for insight on how to position yourself for the best marriage possible? World renowned therapist and author, John Gottman explains how in this must read book! Great read for both parties in the relationship or anyone who wants to work through and head off marriage problems.

Marriages take a lot of work in order to be successful. There are 10 things you need to know for your marriage to make it for the long term. Learn 10 specific lessons and discover the hidden secrets of a happy, secure message. We think very highly of this book!

Relationship Books: Intimacy and Sex

Has intimacy and physical contact (sex) somehow disappeared from your relationship or marriage? Tired of fighting about not having sex and desperate to create more meaningful physical contact with your partner? Based on several concepts of sex therapy, The Sex Starved Marriage is a must read! Create change now!

Trying to increase intimate contact and the general quality of your relationship or marriage? Do you want to avoid getting into overly heavy conversations about “what’s wrong” with your relationship and instead focus on what is right? How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It is an excellent way to create positive change.

Relationship Books: Couples Workbooks

Many couples both married and unmarried find that using workbooks can help them to achieve greater closeness and work through relational distress. One of the couples workbooks we recommend is The Couples Survival Workbook by Drs. Olsen and Stevens. Practical and useful!

Perhaps one of the most powerful books on relationships available on the market, this resource also serves as a workbook. Inside, you will find lots of practical insight with exercises designed for couples to create positive change and strengthen relational bonds. The Five Love Languages is one you will want to include in your reading collection.

Relationship Books: Avoiding Divorce

Are you worried your marriage is heading for a divorce? We certainly explore 10 major reasons couples split on our blog! What can you do to prevent divorce from happening. The Divorce Remedy offers a potential pathway to saving your marriage before an ugly ending happens. This particular read may just save your marriage.

Most married couples do not want to split up. One of the reasons divorces happen is because people buy into marriage myths. This particular read helps couples stay together and avoid having to endure a divorce. I Don’t Want a Divorce by Dr. Clarke can help motivated couples stay together for the here and now and the long term.

Relationship Books: Pre-Marriage Focused

We are firm believers in premarriage counseling. We recognize, however, that not everyone has time to come into the counseling office for premarital therapy. In these cases, we point clients towards the Getting Ready for Marriage Workbook by Hardin and Sloan. Inside, you and your spouse to be will find lots of exercises to complete to help create a happier, meaningful marriage.

If you are thinking of getting re-married or if you are in a situation where you are thinking about getting engaged, you likely have lots of concerns about the past repeating itself. You are not alone! A great resource for you to consider is the book, 101 Questions to Ask Before You Get Remarried by WrightSometimes, knowing the information to certain questions of your mate can help you make the final decision. 

Relationship Books: Anger Management

Need an anger management workbook that offers practical, meaningful and realistic options for keeping your temper in check? An extremely useful resource to consider is the Anger Control Workbook. Lots of exercises in side to help you remain cool during periods of stress. This is one we regularly suggest to clients for stress management.

Anger is a topic that comes up a lot in the context of individual counseling here at the Center. If you are a person who rises to anger quickly with your mate, you might want to consider picking up a copy of this workbook. The Anger Workbook is filled with scores of helpful exercises to help you better understand your anger and avoid nasty blow ups from happening. 

Relationship Books: Codependency

The topic of codependency comes up a lot in counseling sessions with individuals and couples. If you are concerned that you are in a codependent relationship, it might help to learn more about what you can do to feel less chained to your mate. Codependency for Dummies offers helpful insight with exercises for change that is presented without all of the clinical jargon.

One of the reasons we like, You’re Not Crazy – You’re Codependent is because the author examines how a history of abuse and trauma can cause you to cling to another person who is probably unhealthy. Learn to get rid of toxic shame and uncover the stronger, more powerful you in this straight forward, insightful read!

Relationship Books: Dating and Love

Authored by Dr. John Moore, founder of Couples Counseling Center, Confusing Love with Obsession is one of Amazon’s best selling reads. If you have a history of becoming controlling, jealous and distrustful in your relationships, this is a must read. Real life case studies used to help drive home the points of obsessive love.

If you recently found out about your partner’s affair (or got caught) there is a good chance you are wondering if your relationship can survive. The ugly truth is that infidelity is a very real issue according to the statistics. It is possible, however, to move past the hurt and pain and heal. This book offers several steps to move in the right direction.