Relationship Report Card

Grade Your Relationship

At the Couples Counseling Center in Chicago, we like to provide our clients with concrete tools that are designed to identify goal areas to work on for people in relationships.

One way of gauging the overall health of relationship with your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or fiancé is to consider using the relationship report card we have provided here. This kind of tool is sometimes helpful when exploring the question, does marriage counseling (couples counseling) work?

chicago couples therapy report card

Relationship Report Card

Before completing this report card, it is important that we share with you that any assessment tool you complete needs to be looked at through the lens of time, meaning that what you mark down today may differ than what you might have marked down a month ago or three months from now. Consider the report card as a non-scientific, non-clinical tool.

Some people use tools, like the relationship report card offered here, as a kind of starting point for couples counseling and marriage therapy. Others use relationship report cards for the purposes of individual counseling.

These kinds of self-assessments can also be very helpful to your relationship counselor in terms of gaining greater into what may be happening with your marriage. What follows are 50 questions that you can use as a way of grading your relationship. Some of the questions may not apply to your situation.

You can download your free relationship report card below by clicking on the hypertext reading Relationship Report Card. We have included a poll below if you simply want to share and compare to others (it’s anonymous).