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Couples Counseling Chicago

As Chicago couples counselors and marriage therapists on Chicago’s North side, we are committed to helping couples who may be in conflict find productive ways to move past the hurts, heal the wounds and strengthen important relational bonds. Couples Counseling and Relationship therapy can be a very real option.

We believe that when a couple is looking for couples therapist in Chicago for couples or marriage counseling, they have taken the first important steps towards creating positive change for their relationship, which in turn gives love the opportunity to once again flourish and thrive. That’s why when you look for a couples therapist, it matters who you choose.

Couples Counseling Chicago Approach

We have a passion for couples counseling and offer a warm, safe, caring atmosphere that is relationship affirming. We specialize in helping couples identify patterns of behavior that may act as barriers to intimacy.

You may be wondering does marriage counseling work? This is a perfectly natural question and we encourage you to read as much as you can about couples counseling on our site.

All of our couples therapists receive ongoing training in marriage and couples therapy. If you are looking for down to earth, interactive and goal focused couples counseling for marriage therapy, you have arrived at exactly the right place.

Couples Counseling Chicago Skills

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Marriage Therapy

To benefit from couples therapy, it is not always necessary to attend sessions as a couple. We have found that both couples and individuals find it useful to talk with a counselor in order to discover more effective, meaningful ways of working through relationship issues. Couples counseling works best when both parties in the relationship are motivated towards change.

Our Couples Counseling Chicago approach is gentle, conversational, warm and interactive. We encourage emotional sharing as a conduit to healing and growth. 

Offered to both individuals and couples, our therapists teach practical communication skills with the goal of helping both parties in the relationship reach a place of deeper understanding and healing.

Our goal is to bring a sense of joy into your relationship and to reinforce things that are working right while helping to create change around challenge areas.

Marriage and Couples Counseling Chicago

Premarital Counseling

Premarital Counseling

There is a reason the two of you became a couple in the first place, just as there is a reason right now you are looking for couples counseling, marriage counseling or premarital counseling. There was a time when the love was strong and that the two of you held significant meaning to one another.

The problem now however is that so much water has passed under the bridge, you don’t know where to begin. This is a very common dilemma for many people in relationships, particularly those who have been together for a number of years. In fact, it’s one of the top 10 signs you may need couples counseling.

Couples Counseling Can Help

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Couples Counseling Blog

The couples and marriage counseling we do is designed to address all of these issues and many, many more. Here is a quick review of just some of the areas we can tackle together in couples therapy:

  • Finding new ways to avoid communications shut downs (aka shutting down).
  • Preventing arguments from turning into full-blown, nasty fights.
  • Learning new ways to make points during communications that do not “hit buttons”.
  • Exploring ways to bring back sex into relationships that seem barren.
  • Ending the cycle of emotional neediness.
  • Stopping that terrible place of feeling like “we are just roommates”.
  • Identifying and changing bad money habits that impact the both of you.
  • Avoiding some of the top reasons for couples to break up.
  • Identifying ways of bringing fun and relaxation back into the relationship.
  • Dispelling common marriage myths.
  • Work through intimacy fears in relationships.
  • Move past infidelity, cheating and affairs.

Couples Therapy Chicago: Therapy with Heart

One of the many benefits of couples therapy is the ability to share feelings, thoughts and emotions in a safe and affirming

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Couples Therapy Chicago

environment that encourages candid dialogue that is free of judgement. One of the reasons people seek couples therapy in Chicago is find a respite from a hectic and busy world.

When you are looking for a couples therapist, you want to work with an individual who has the ability to make both you and the person you share a relationship with feel comfortable. This necessarily means that the couples therapy process needs to be affirming, compassionate while also being directive.

Here is a note we were sent from a couple who came to us in the recent past seeking couples therapy for communications problems.

We were leery of couples therapy because we were unsure if it really would work. After reading your post  offing pointers on what to expect in couples therapy, we decided to make an appointment. Our couples therapist made us feel at ease right away.

In just a few short sessions, we were able to work through a lot of the baggage that was blocking our ability to communicate. Thank you Couples Counseling Chicago!

           – Mike and Valarie

Couples Counseling For Change

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GLBT Counseling

Couples counseling becomes a reality for many only when they have reached a crisis point. Our couples and marriage counselors are dedicated to helping you avoid landing in a place of major trouble in the first place.  Positive, meaningful, lasting change in your relationship is one of our goals for you. 

We offer a variety of couples programs, including couples therapy, marriage counseling and LGBT counseling services. We also have issues specific lesbian couples therapy. Many clients see one of our therapists for individual relationship counseling. Our goal is to help create emotional, physical and financial stability in your relationship for the here and now and for the long term. 

Couples Counseling for Growth


Premarital Counseling

We want to help you avoid the repeated cycle of pain, misunderstanding and hurt. Couples Therapy can help with process a great deal and help your relationship grown. Let us help you or your significant other stop the cycle of withdrawing, withholding, arguing and fighting.

The couples therapy and marriage counseling we offer is designed to create powerful and positive changes in your relationship. If you are wondering about the health of your relationship, consider taking the Chicago relationship counseling report card.

Intimacy Counseling

Intimacy Counseling

We’ve included a short video below to help walk you through our Chicago couples counseling and marriage therapy website. Be sure to check out or couples resources page and relationship books area of the site!

Many of the books you will see in this area are highly recommended by our couples counseling Chicago professionals. Couples workbooks also listed.

Couples Counseling for Love

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Couples in Love

We have a passion for couples and marriage counseling. We believe when two people are committed to the process of change, new beginnings can happen.

Our Chicago couples counselors gain immense satisfaction from helping couples reach a place of balance, enhancing communications and ultimately loving one another in a more meaningful way.

Using a collaborative approach that encourages interactive dialogue in an environment of trust, we assist clients focus on common strengths, which act as springboards for positive and meaningful change. This is particularly true for couples, both married and unmarried, who have somehow lost their way. 

Because relationships serve as an important foundation for wellness, we help couples to find new ways to communicate and reconnect so that greater satisfaction and intimacy is possible. Couples counseling, relationship counseling and marriage therapy can act as powerful conduits for positive and lasting change.  How might working with a couples therapist change your relationship for the positive?

Let us help you with your relationship needs today.

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