Couples Therapy Chicago

Couples Therapy Chicago

At the Couples Counseling Center, we start with the premise that something is right in a relationship and use a strength based approach as a starting point.

Couples counseling is designed to help people in relationships explore barriers that are keeping them from reaching emotional, physical and economic stability.

Often, people seek relationship therapists in Chicago because they think something is “wrong” with their relationship. In truth however, the need for couples counseling can be an indication that something is right.

For example, two individuals who are in love with one another realize that on some level, they are having difficulty communicating. Recognizing this issue, they seek out the support and guidance of an experienced couples counselor and make an appointment.

The good news is that both parties realize a barrier exists to greater intimacy. We consider that realization a major strength and use this as a foundation to begin working. 

Couples Therapy: New Skills for Couples

One of the great things about couples counseling is that it offers a unique opportunity for a couple to learn new skills. Some examples include:

  • Learning how to focus on the positives in the relationship
  • Recognizing unproductive patterns and cycles
  • Infusing passion back into the relationship
  • Creating positive change and moving away from the “same old”

Couples Therapy

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Couples Therapy Info

While many may identify themselves as a couples counselor or i love youcouples therapist, the truth is there are very few individuals who have the background, skills and abilities to assist couples through the myriad of challenges that are common in relationships. We encourage you to ask questions when you speak with one of our helping professionals and assess if you feel they person is a good “fit” for your needs. Be sure to read our ultimate guide to couples counseling for more insight.

If you have time, be sure to check out this article that explores what to expect in couples counselingSome Couples seeking therapy fill out our relationship report card as a starting point as a way of getting at some of the concrete issues happening in the relationship. 

If you have never contacted an expert counselor, we can walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have. We offer general couples counseling, marriage counseling and same sex counseling services. At Couples Counseling Center, we’ve got you covered!

We return calls promptly, usually within 24 hours. Feel free to call us directly at 773-598-7797 or through our contact page.