5 Key Signs That A Man Loves You

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5 Big Signs A Man Loves You

By Nick Bastion

Does he love you? Or not?

Figuring out whether or not someone loves you can be a challenging, downright confusing experience. If you feel like you’re in love with someone but he hasn’t made his feelings clear as to whether he feels the same or not…

It can be frustrating to deal with that uncertainty.

That is why I am going to give you these signs to watch out for, that signal that he is in love with you.

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The Top 5 Signs He’s In Love With You

Sign #1: He Trusts You

This one is extremely important and crucial. Trust is the foundation to any loving relationship. If he does not trust you, it is difficult to imagine that truly loving you is possible.

I mean, it is one thing to have trust issues and maybe not trust someone completely because of a past relationship… but in general, when a man loves a woman, he trusts her.

What are some signs of trust? Well, for one… he respects your privacy. He does not feel the impulse to constantly go through your phone, hound you about who you are talking to and what you are doing or any of that … it simply means that he respects you and does not doubt your true intentions or feelings.

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Another sign of true trust is if he is able to open up about very private, emotionally sensitive issues for him. If he reveals facts about himself that he has never told someone else (and it is obviously hard for him to reveal these things) then it’s a huge sign that he is in love with you.

Sign #2: He Asks For Your Opinion on Major Life Choices

What do I mean by major life choices?

Let’s say he is trying to make a major decision in his life… like, for example, whether or not to take a new job… whether to move to a different place, how to handle a serious situation in his life…

If he comes to you for advice and your opinion on any of these important matters, it’s a major sign he loves you. He would not come to you for your input if he didn’t have extremely strong feelings for you.

Sign #3: He Protects You

Let’s say someone is attacking you, saying mean things about you or doing something to upset you. If he comes to your defense automatically, this is a major sign that he is in love with you.

If he gets protective over you and cares enough to fight for you if anyone does anything to upset or harm you, it means he genuinely cares for you as a person. This protective instinct is a huge indication of love.

Sign #4: He is Affectionate With You

Affection is different than just feeling sexual attraction. Affection means he does things like cuddle with you, hold your hand and just kind of stay still in a very affectionate, intangible way.

Affection is extremely important and key when it comes to determining whether a man loves you or not. If he loves you, he is going to naturally want to do things like touch you in a gentle, romantic way… be kind to you and just be physically present in a way that feels comfortable and comforting.

This is a hard thing to describe, but I think you get the idea.

Sign #5: When Things Get Tough In Life He Doesn’t Run

Sometimes in life things get rough and times get tough. Maybe your dog is sick or your family is having problems… maybe there was a death in your family or maybe you are going through an emotionally difficult period for one reason or another.

His reaction is going to give a big indication that illustrates whether he is truly in love with you or not. If things get tough in life, sticking around is a major indication that he is in love with you. This means he truly cares and is not just around when things are all cheerful and happy.

There you go… these are 5 key signs that a man loves you.


Nick Bastion is a dating and relationships expert with over 10 years of experience helping men and women have the love lives they’ve always wanted. You can find more of his writing at Vixen Daily in the Love and Relationships section.