7 Signs of Infidelity and Cheating in a Relationship

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Is He Cheating on Me?

One of the most devastating things you can ever find out is that your boyfriend or husband has been unfaithful to you. Infidelity is a very real issue in the United States. Men who cheat often have a pattern of infidelity in relationships with Chicago being a leader in men who cheat according to a recent survey.

This brief article will explore the 10 tell-tale signs that your man may be cheating on you. The list is not definitive and each situation needs to be looked at in its totality, meaning that you will want to make a comprehensive review of any patterns.

Our counselors and therapists specialize in relationships issues such as cheating and infidelity and have made this list available after receiving requests from a number of clients and website visitors.

So is your man cheating on you? Let’s look at the 7 signs!

7 Signs of Infidelity and Cheating

1. He is paying more attention to how he looks

While this point on the surface may not be proof of cheating, it needs to be mentioned. If your man has been spending more focusing on his personal appearance than he normally has in the past, this may indicate cheating.

2. He smells like perfume or sex

A woman always knows when her man has been with another girl. If you are smelling perfume on your guy that does not belong to you or if your man smells like he has been intimate with another; that could be a major red flag.

3. He has canned responses to your questions

Does your man seem like he has rehearsed his answers to your questions about the events of his day? Does your guy seem to be recycling the same excuses over and over again in a canned fashion? If his responses do not seem organic and free flowing but instead, rehearsed, that could mean he is sleeping with another woman. Men usually pre-plan a cheat and try to think about all of the potential questions you might ask when it comes to their whereabouts.

4. Emotionally distant and removed

A woman knows when a change happens in her man’s behavior. Does it seem like your guy has experienced a shift in emotional state? Does he seem remote and removed from your presence? Does he seem like he is day dreaming more often than not? If so, he may be thinking of another woman.

5. He is very protective of his cell phone

Have you noticed that your man has started to carry his phone with him wherever he goes? Does it seem like he has become super protective of his electronic communications gadgets, guarding them closely? This could mean he is hiding his communications with the woman he is having an affair with.

6. Has he become sketchy with social media?

Have you noticed that you r man has started to hide his activities on social media? Examples include blocking certain posts from you or hiding his friends list. Have you noticed that he has started to communicate with new people who you have never met? This could be a sign that he is hiding something from you or cheating right in front of your face.

7. Has intimacy changed?

Many women think that when their man is cheating, intimacy suffers. This may be ultimately true but during the first several weeks and months of an affair, intimacy can actually increase. This is because your man is trying to replicate what he is doing with another woman. If you are starting to notice major shifts in the bedroom, this could be a sign your man is having a fling with another.

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Infidelity: Final Thoughts

There are many other signs not listed here that may indicate your man is sleeping around on you and violating your trust. Again, the information appearing on this post should be considered in its totality.

If you think your husband or boyfriend may be sticking his nose into another woman’s sugar sack, we encourage you to get some counseling first with a qualified helping professional, such as a couples counselor or therapist. A useful tool that can help you better understand your situation is our relationship and marriage report card.

If you are in Chicago, you can contact the Couples Counseling Center using our secure online contact form. You can also call us directly at 773-598-7797.

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